Saturday, January 16, 2010

Bien joué: French Brussels Sprouts

OK, so sometimes you just have to write really bad poetry to express the fabulousness of certain things you can't otherwise describe in a normal way. Ahem:
Ode to Brussels Sprouts

O fair and wonderous greens
Put now my colon at ease
You're on your way
With little thyme snips
And petit bits
Of precious sweet potatoes cooked très parfait

Wilco on jiwa croons of stars
And below, on Grande Armee, the cars
Swish sleepily through the rain...
Cute baguette man has sold us his wares
That we dollop with sweet Camemberts
While digesting great green goodness again

Santé! cried les legumes
Brussels Sprouts, patates douces and mushrooms
As we roar-laugh and sip wine
Making way for café
And déjeuner the next day,
Anticipant more sprout meals with a smile.

And that's an "I'm just sayin'" Random kK Tangent, too embarrassing to even have an assigned number. Feel free to throw tomatoes, but make sure they're fresh enough for me to be able to cook them with the next batch of brussels sprouts.
I'm just sayin'.

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Steph said...

holy shit...this is the most amazing thing ive ever read....shit...just flippin amazing.

tears amazing.