Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bienvenue chez moi, part deux

HA! So, the saga continues...

I have just moved into a new apartment! Basically I would just like to forget that the month of November happened at all (besides our rockin' Thanksgiving!) so I'll just skim over a few deets to keep you updated:

1. Was invited to a dinner party chez Madame Filer by a friend (Picasso) who currently lives in one of her rented bedrooms.
2. Sort of broke my lease to move in to an empty bedroom Madame just happened to have available.
3.  Now live with Madame, her son Ben, Picasso (a Turkish lawyer on a scholarship here to study something smart) and Meginami (or something like that...I couldn't understand much of what she was saying), a Japanese cosmetics student.
4. Most important members of our international household: Kikou and Sushi, two sweet little cats who make my life worth LIVING, man.

Wow, now THAT was a nutshell.

The apartment always smells amazing...Madame is very into homeopathy and aromatherapy and natural foods, so there's never any lack of pleasant odors floating around. There is, however, only one bathroom for the 5 of us (lol!) but luckily I'm a night-showerer and take about 15 minutes to get ready in the morning, so no big. The shower head is one of those that you have to hold up in your hand to rinse off, which is always fun when you'd really like to just stand under a stream of hot water on a cold day without your arm muscles giving out, haha!

Now here's something weird:
1. me
2. Picasso's dad
3. Ben (madame's son)
4. Meginami
...all have the SAME BIRTHDAY.
What. The. F...! How is this POSSIBLE.
Oh, but apparently it is.

Plus, my new apartment is decently close to Pere Lachaise cemetary, and you all know how well-developed my sense of (and appreciation for) the morbid is! Quel chance!

My room is decorated in blue and soft brown, so that I can 'enter and breath,' as Madame explained. She loves water, and when I told her I love the rain and the ocean she just smiled in an "I thought you might" kind of way and then spent the next hour showing me her cabinets-full of essential oils and all-natural medicines. Heaven!

Breakfast materials and semi-regular home-cooked dinners are provided as well. Picasso and I got up at the same time this morning; he made my coffee, toasted my toast and put out the nutella for me before I even managed to yawn out "bonjour," leaving out a place setting for Madame when she woke up. The dude has some good karma coming to him, especially for the no-comment on my I'm-so-grumpy-before-I've-had-my-coffee morning face.

Anyway, yar, so suffice it to say that I am VERY happy to be in this new place...pictures are coming soon, promise!


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