Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The countdown has begun...

7 days til Mozart L'Opera Rock! No seriously, Squash and I are going on Thursday next...SUCKAS!! You only WISH you were here to go w/ us...holy crap this is going to be the best.

(so yar, just in case anyone was confused and thought I was making fun of french music videos, let me assure you I WAS. And not. It's one and the same...I friggin LOVE French music videos b/c they're so weird and fabulous. I have this 'bizarre' threshold and so many French things fit snuggly right on up in there. Huzzah! Why am I not a French person yet!)

Just in case you need to see it again, and let me just tell you now, YOU DO, here is the link:

That's right, we're groupies. Isn't that guy's voice so GOOD?! That's the thing here--as cheesy and uber-emo as everything is, everyone is really good at what they do, dancing, singing, being pretty, etc. Just sayin.

7 days!

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