Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween in a sweat-stained red dress with Tim Burton

So tonight I head to cinema Champo at midnight for a Tim Burton marathon, ending around 6 or 7 am with a communal breakfast shared by fellow theater-goers.

Did I mention that earlier in the day I will be partaking in the red dress hash run?

Not sure when the tradition started, but every year at Halloween the members of the hash organize a run during which everyone, including the men, wears a red dress! The easier to go out partying and already be in costume, I guess.

Donc, after running and drinking for several hours in the Parisian streets, I head to Champo where I start with Beetlejuice, move on to Edward Scissorhands, and end with Corpse Bride. WOOHOO!

Bets on the scene in any of the movies during which I'll finally fall asleep?


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