Tuesday, October 27, 2009

How 'bout a hot plate of gizzards? Anyone? Bueller?

Back in the day I used to eat EVERYTHING. No, I mean EVERYTHING--my good ole Midwest family would watch in amused horror as I wolfed down caribou or random green brains of sea-creatures or, worse, some vegan meal that looked nothing like actual food. I worked hard for that "Mikey" moniker.

**Random kK Tangent 400,002**
Confusion: Mikey in the Life Cereal commercial would 'eat anything,' so of COURSE he liked the stupid cereal. Why was that such a surprise to those other two boys? Why did that commercial ever make sense to me, even up until a couple of years ago?
**possible end to kK Tangent 400,002**

Anyway, I'll admit, the last few years I've mellowed out, subsisting mainly on cheese pizza, basic salads and cereal. When presented with smelly cheese over New Year's with Ageless, I just couldn't bear to even be in the same room with it, much less put a morsel in my no-longer-Mikey mouth.

The wheel turns again: While in Paris I've eaten Steak Tartare poêlé (which actually is a patty of meat that has been fried on the top and bottom, but the middle is still pretty raw...ok, it's REALLY raw), and a salad gourmande, a salade topped with fois gras, smoked duck and GIZZARDS. Friggin delicious. DELICIOUS. It was so rich I probably wouldn't be able to eat it more than once a year, but yar, YUM.

So far the pizza is still total crap...I'm thinking of taking a trip to Aix just to grab a few to go. Other than that, my favorite meal is fresh juice (I bought a juicer! It's like magic in a glass!) with a croissant from a bakery near Squash's apartment (it is the BEST croissant I've ever had...not super convenient for me to grab one and bring it back to my apartment for breakfast, but luckily Squash has a fabulous sitting room where she can serve me one on a fancy little tray).

Time for more food...
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