Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My Goodness, My Guinness!

I went out to an actual bar for my first football match last week! The Sultan and I found a bar near the Pantheon, where we grabbed a Bulmer's and a Guinness (respectively) and settled in with a bunch of Brits supporting (of course) Liverpool. I was the only one at the table with a Guinness and a penchant for cheering on Team Lyon, so I tried to keep as quiet as possible as I "woohoo'ed" the second, and winning, goal from les français! I can't pretend to have a loyalty to any one team, of course...I haven't been a fan long enough to know anything about any of the teams, but it is REALLY fun to watch good soccer. Added bonus when a French team wins!

In other awesome-and-totally-gratuitous news, I bought my first item of French clothing today. The Sultan, Squash and I went falafel-ing at the greatest falafel stand in the entire world (L'As du Falafel, for you plebes), and walked in and out of shops, enjoying the fresh air. After about 12 different Kookaï's, I finally realized I couldn't stop thinking about this one sweater...basically a blanket with long sleeves. (NO IT IS NOT A SNUGGIE.) It is thick, THICK cotton (which is awesome b/c I can wash it myself without paying for drycleaning) and it is PERFECT for this chilly fall weather. Squash approved my purchase, saying I looked like I belonged in a leather armchair next to a fireplace in my home library reading a book with a cat and a glass of wine (which I wanted to change to tumbler of whiskey) as I unwind from a long day of professor-ing somewhere in Connecticut.

It's now midnight and I'm wrapped in said sweater, my jams warming themselves on top of my radiator so I'm extra cozy when I get ready for bed. (I also, in point of fact, am enjoying a glass of wine...and since I'm technically sort of 'un prof,' all I'm missing is the cat and Connecticut. We'll just pretend my radiator is a fireplace and my one-room cabin is a library in my otherwise huge house.) Pink Martini is playing on jiwa.fr and I'm trying unsuccessfully to convince myself to get up and brush my teeth.

Maybe just one more glass of wine...


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Steph said...

i almost forgot yesterday we are sort of profs.....heheh...those sweaters found us!