Monday, October 26, 2009

Seriously? Did today just start already?

**N.B.: obviously this post was started on 25.10.2009 Monday morning at what should have been 8.30 am...**

Gah. So there's something about not actually sleeping in on that first day of DSL...I feel cheated, of course, but also a bit off...nobody's supposed to FORGET about DSL!  Now I just feel stupid, and also like I've been awake for an extra hour, which is not exactly how this fall-back thing should work. I want to feel like I got to SLEEP for an extra hour, muthafu***! I wuz robbed! God, if I hadn't LITERALLY JUST YESTERDAY installed internet in my apt, I would have gone to my tutoring session an hour early!! That would have been super fun.

Saw my first college american football game in ages last night at a canadian pub overlooking la Seine, although I must admit I was obviously more glued to the tv than the river (river? what river? was that a safety by Penn? why the f*ck aren't they showing THAT game instead of Tenn v Bama!!). Ha, I sound like I'm actually a die-hard fan of Am. Football....mostly I'm quoting Pull The Prick Out (no, I was not clever enough to give her that name...only hashers think up stuff like that!), who IS a sports fiend. It was good fun (even though I mostly kept sneaking glances at the TV showing the Aus v NZ rugby match...).

Now I'm drinking coffee at way-too-early in the morning getting ready to eat my soggy chocolate-quinoa cereal...damn, I was so annoyed I missed DSL I had to BLOG about it before I ATE. This is major news, peeps, major. At least I have some awesome French music videos to keep me company. I mean seriously, thank GOD for the bizarre fabulousness of French music!!


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