Friday, October 30, 2009

Taken by a toilet

Wasn't New York City supposed to knock my "GULLIBLE" to just "gullible"???

So I have just learned that I most likely swallowed quite the story when I was told by my concierge that I had to pay him for fixing my toilet. I know, shocker...I always believe everything everyone who seems nice says to me. I wondered why he was so insistent that if anything ever broke again I should call him b/c oh dear, the agency would just be so much more much emPHAsis on the wrong sylABLE. HA! Oh this is too much...I will pretty much never live this one down, not even from myself!

I really have nothing else to say about this...I laughed so hard I'm not even angry. Besides, Karma is out to GET that guy! HA!

HAHA! I just got taken by a TOILET. HAHAHA!

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