Friday, November 6, 2009

It's the FINAL COUNTDOWN (a la Gob and Franklin)


So, last night was AWESOME. Literally, beyond-words awesome. First of all the tickets were free (merci Queen Franglais!) and second of all, IT WAS AWESOME.

So much drama! I mean, hey, it's the life of Mozart set to rock music. (My favorite bit was Mozart's father, all in black, singing threateningly against a backdrop screen of bright orange, King Kong-high flames.) I was PRAYING that Greaser wouldn't be out sick or otherwise miss the show...I need my l'assasymphonie!!! But hallelujah he walked on stage, all slicked back, a perfect, menacing Salieri. HA! It was everything I'd hoped for...and more! Squash had to hold me in my seat so I wouldn't embarrass us by jumping up and rushing the stage. (She got a good workout, I'm a real fighter. Obviously.)

The dancers and the band/orchestra totally blew my sh** away. Dancing away in their crazy outfits, the group was always exactly on time and synchronized. I've seen worse performances from the NYC Ballet! (no, seriously.) There were bits of actual Mozart compositions played by uber professional classical musicians all dressed up in mozart-y type outfits, walking around on stage and playing their perfect notes. Gah! And then there was the rock band up in the rafters...The pianist looked like The Mad Scientist, and oooh la la, he nearly broke his keyboard during the head-banging bits! Then, at the end and the inevitable Lachrymosa pre-death scene, holy CRAP, a single female opera singer carried the whole chorus part by HERSELF and rocked the house DOWN. I just got chills thinking about it, bwah!

And there's more good news...another music video is in the works! It won't be out for about a month, but oh don't you worry, I will be posting the link as soon as I can get my grubby hands on it. You'll love the song,'s Greaser again, signing about Salieri's jealousy of Mozart (at least I'm pretty sure it is), and the dancing, costumes, and, of course, his voice, are to die for. Holla! So exciting.

Happiness in a can, my peeps, happiness in a can. If any of you come to visit me, I'm taking you to that show, no messing. And no complaining. (don't worry, we'll have plenty of wine afterwards, you can drink your pain away.)



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