Saturday, November 28, 2009

Party in the USA (thanks, Miley!)

(that's right, I listen to Miley Cyrus! Shut up! It's a good song! I dare you to try to hear it once and turn it off...oh yeah, YOU CAN'T.)

HA! Just finished la fete de thanksgiving in Paris!! Thursday night 17 people crowded elbows around the magical-expanding table chez Squash and drank, ate, and franglais-ed the night away. The turkey was fresh from the Brittany countryside (it literally had a head like two days before we put it in the oven) and so was the pumpkin...that's right, we made pumpkin pie from absolute scratch! And you know what? I liked it, but NOT AS MUCH AS I LIKE PUMPKIN OUT OF A CAN!! Am I a horrible person??!

But yar, every single dish was the most delicious yumminess I can ever imagine eating. I sous-chef'd for Squash on pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, humus, and stuffing. Pull The Prick out made my personal favorite: corn casserole. YESSS! The flavors are so fantastic...even veggies taste like VEGGIES and don't need any seasonings to make them palatable! Holy crap, I already told Hoonie I was ordering all my food from France when I get back to America. They deliver, right?

I had a special treat all my own for friends The Pollock (lol I love that I didn't even need to change her name to make it a good blome--and that would be 'blog name' to you plebes) and Oxford Comma came to town for a little visit!! I got to hear some office gossip (MAN some sh*t's been goin' DOWN since I left, lol!!) and get real hugs and laugh about being angry in New York. I was so happy I almost cried! (gawd, how embarrassing! heh heh)

The party was a smashing success...the Americans loved it b/c, well, we know how to throw good parties, and even the Brits and French were impressed b/c, well, WE THROW GOOD PARTIES. It feels good to let loose and relax a little, DOESN'T IT, you polite-and-reserved-delicately-sipping-on-wine-never-playing-rowdy-music peeps! And cheese DOES work as an appetizer, huh! We never got to show off the awesomeness of the cosmo-as-aperatif, but there was plenty of wine flowing. When we got to the wine that tasted like goat cheese smells, though, I was pretty much done. (don't even ask.)

So yeah, score one of my Puritan sure as shit didn't know how to feed yourselves when you got to the New World, but thanks for mooching off the natives and calling it tradition!

heh heh



Steph said...

thanks for made me laugh. By the way, your hometown newspaper will looove the use of "pull the prick out"...... send it on!

The Pollock said...

Awwww I'm so honored to be in the blog! That was such a great time...

ps. reading this blog at work is my DIRTY LITTLE SECRET. hey-o, woot woot!